Sunday started my little two day get-away. Life has gotten full, stressful and I’m finding it hard to create margin and care for myself. Yes some of that is choices I make, some of it is just the business of life, but I’m learning I need to create the space, because it doesn’t just happen anymore!

IMG_5595So here I am… away. Taking a breather. Sitting on the oceanfront condo patio for 2 days: watching, listening, thinking, breathing, resting, “wasting time”! It is glorious. My agenda for these days was to do nothing! Wake up (or sleep) – when I wanted to. Read – if I wanted to. Write – if I wanted to. Watch endless hours of HGTV. Have a glass of wine (or two) – if/when I wanted. I’m 24 hours into my time and it’s been just that and I’m incredibly grateful to get this time.

So before I hit the road, I grabbed a few books, magazines, journals and a few notebooks I collected from Mom’s stuff after she passed, books I had intended to read through ages ago, but I was always to afraid of the emotions I would experience reading her words… but today I had courage to open their pages.

Each pages was filled with the handwriting of my IMG_5594Mother and seeing her words, that flowed from her heart so freely was overwhelming.

One book was filled with her questions and prayers. One was her journal filled with reflections and thoughts on Bible verses. The third was her writing “practice”; stories, blogs and idea frameworks for ideas she had intended to eventually write from.

Each page and each word was a reminder of who she was, who I knew her to be and glimpses into who I had yet to see. She was a writer. Her words and her heart were beautiful.

After Mom passed February 2014, I had several people ask how I would memorialize her memory, celebrate her life and allow myself to heal. At first I wasn’t sure what I would do, and even the past few months I wondered what I could do, to keep her memory close. However today – sitting along the shore (a place Mom loved to escape to and write), and while reading through her pages and words, I’ve decided to write “with” my Mom. Some of the blog posts (to follow in the coming weeks) will be a partnership, between my Mom and me; 2 writers separated for the time being. We are different and yet similar and I am honored to have known her, to call her Mom and now, co-writer!

Treasuring her words – like never before.