754.5oz of “RIDICULOUS” Love

The last few days have been filled with a mix of emotions. The older I get the more I realize that life is hard, difficult, full of tough times, brokenness, but at the same time, life is joyous, lovely, people do care, encourage, support and in some cases show RIDICULOUS amounts of love.

February 18th was my birthday. I had mentioned to “my people” that I didn’t really want to do a big celebration, that I wanted low-key, a small dinner with a few friends, and perhaps card games.  We went ahead with plans for that, Friday night, but then was pressed for what additional thing we should do on my actual birthday.  I mentioned perhaps wanting to do drinks/bowling with a few other friends and a plan was born…… My sister asked if I wanted to plan it and honestly with the way I was feeling, about celebrating another birthday wasn’t really on my to-do list (and also, I felt odd asking my friends to come “celebrate” me!)  So my sister RAN with plans.

February 18th, I arrived at my celebration and as friends began showing up and the mountain of love (literally) piled in the corner, I began to feel overwhelmed.

FullSizeRender[1] 12.59.31 PMLet me back up a moment…… when our family was in Atlanta over Christmas we visited the “World of Coke”.  (If you’ve not been there, you should plan a trip!) In their opening dialogue, they show a 6 minute video including “Coke Moments” from all around the world.  People sharing beautiful, special moments…  Watch the World of Coke “Moments of Happiness” HERE!

And so my sister contacted many people FullSizeRenderin my circle, asking if they would share a “Diet Coke Moment” for my birthday…… Here was her message to my friends:

I was thinking through what we could do for a birthday gift for Shauna to let her know how much she’s loved. Something that those who value her could participate in together and this is what I came up with. When we were in Atlanta we went to World of Coke and they had a 6 minute video, that we watched – it was snippets of happy stories tied together and Coke as part of it… it was about celebrating happiness…love, fun, laughter-moments of happiness. It was honestly amazing and made us cry. We realize that we have been lacking those moments this year. (It also made me want to drink more Coke :D)

So my idea is to have each of us use a can or bottle of Diet Coke, (because we all know is much she loves that) or something Diet Coke inspired and write a note to Shauna of happiness-memories or plans, stories or wishes, on the bottle or attached to the can or whatever you are inspired to do.  I will collect them and give her a big old basket of happy.

Thanks for loving Shauna so well – she truly is a lucky lady to have each of you as a friend ❤


And they did.

The total amount of Diet Coke was literally IMG_4929754.5oz (and counting), but the words, the thoughts and kindness of the messages attached to each of those ounces showed more friendship (more Diet Coke Moment/”happiness”) than I ever imagined.

Reading the words from each person was so moving —- but when I got home, sat alone and re-read each message again, I was reduced to tears.  God’s way of reminding me that I’m not alone, that I’m seen, that I am impacting and showing people they matter, was RIDICULOUS overwhelming and he used some of the most RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING people in my life!

I’m beyond grateful to a sister, who’s idea was incredibly life-giving to me. I’m beyond thankful for friends who do life with me and who demonstrate “practically” their encouragement, support and love!



And so every time I see the very large stash of Diet Coke goodness, (which will take me a while to get through), I will continue to feel RIDICULOUSLY LOVED!!



*Thank YOU to everyone person who contributed – not only to the gifts – but who has made my LIFE… RIDICULOUSLY amazing and full of happy!