Life’s Timeline

I recently had the opportunity to sing during our weekend church gatherings and after a friend sent me a photo of me singing, I posted the photo with the following caption –

“So love these moments in my life’s timeline…”

imageAnd that phrase got me thinking about my life. I’ve heard over and over again that life has a beginning (birth) and an end (death) and then goes on into eternity – but have you ever really thought about what happens in between?  Life is a journey, with lots of ups and downs, but I think much of my life I live, from one major life-event to the next. Life began and then just kept going; from birth, to childhood to becoming a teenager. From being a vehicle passenger to the one in the driver seat. From being the high school student to college graduate. Seasons of living my days in the US to 3 years in Australia. From renting an apartment to owning a home.

Our lives are not void of a finishing line. We all have a start and an end and we all have a course we live – moments we experience – in between.  I don’t think my life path is set, as oftentimes our choices alter that path. I’m not a firm believer that there’s only “one perfect person” for each of us, neither am I a believer that there is only “one perfect path” for our lives. I believe God has a plan for each of us, but we make the choice to live, to make changes, to respond to our circumstances and other’s choices. There are things we see. There are things we don’t.

I realized as 2015 began, that so much of my living has been just waiting for those big moments in my timeline, (you know the ones with fireworks and angels singing…),  and although those moments are great, and should be, I think I might have missed a few of the “tiny” but most meaningful moments, those long-lasting, perspective-altering ones, that you should cherish always!

I’m so thankful there’s more time, for me to work to change things!  I want to LOVE and enjoy every moment on my timeline… so here’s hoping the coming days, weeks, months and years hold many amazing “tiny” moments where I take a deep breath, slow down and take in all the moments of my life’s timeline!