This week I’ve been thinking about the importance of doing life with people —- intentionally. Perhaps it was stirred by the message at LCBC Church last week or just the realization of the value of not being or living life alone…. whatever the reason it’s been on my mind.

For some people, having meaningful relationships seem to come easily. For others, it requires lots of work — but the benefit for both is incredibly rewarding – and worth the effort and investment!

In his message this weekend, Jason Mitchell talked about Marines who do the Marine Corp Marathon, and often run in full gear. There are moments when they are struggling and don’t think they can go on… Their response is to yell out, ‘Motivate me! Motivate me!’ They don’t say, ‘I don’t think I can do it,’ they scream out, ‘Motivate me!’ In other words, they make it the team’s responsibility – or others around them – to keep going – to keep moving forward!

There is such value in encouraging one another – that coming alongside, speaking words that motivate, words that remind us who we are… because sometimes we don’t have it in ourselves to keep going! I was reminded that it is ok to borrow the courage, wisdom, perspective, encouragement from those around me – sometimes that’s all you can do!

I’ve written previously about friends who hold a “mirror” to my life, reflecting back challenge and encouragement — but as I thought about a those people, and even some newer friends, I’ve realized many of those people aren’t just reflecting back to me, they’re an integral piece of my life and my journey forward! These people, who’ve been have brought both challenge and who are also some of my biggest cheerleaders — they are my team! There are days when their cheers come in response to my desperate, “Motivate me!!” cries. There are days when their encouragement comes, even when I don’t have the strength to ask for motivation. And there are other times they’re just cheering me to continue walking forward – keeping pace with where I’m headed!

I’m learning, slowly – that my greatest strength is not proven in my independence…. It’s shown when I care – and am cared for – by those around me!

So who are your cheerleaders? Who are the people who you invited to speak encouragement or challenge? Who are the people who hear when you yell out ‘motivate me’? If you don’t know who those people are – it’s time to find them!

Let’s not do life alone!!