New seasons…

July 1… it’s the start of a new month and we’re halfway through 2014, which in all honesty has thus far not been my favorite…

When this year started I was grateful 2013 was over, but as the weeks rolled by and someone amazingly beautiful slipped from this life in to eternity…… I doubted this year would be the GREAT year I had hoped for. February 10th was the start of a new season of living with significant loss – of my Mom. I had no preparation for how to do this. I had, and somedays still have, no clue to how to live happy and whole with sadness, loss and grief lingering just around the corner. I have had no understanding of how to manage this new season……… but I am learning – it is one step at a time.

I look back and see that You are faithful – I look ahead believing You are able…

July 2, 2007 was the day I was hired to work at LCBC Church – as John Z’s Assistant. There have been some of the most amazing times of my life in those years but also some of the toughest. I’ve seen who I thought I was — change! Who I could be — handed to me. And who I’m possibly meant to be — visioned for me! I’ve been shaped by amazing leadership. I’ve had people speak into my life, who’ve challenged me to step off ledge and jump into the unknown. I’ve grown as a person. I am not the same today as I was 7 years ago. Sadly, July 7th begins another new season – as another very influential, impacting boss, mentor and friend slips from my every day world – to a new season of his own.

Again, I stand feeling as if I had no preparation for this – doing this job without him was never in my 5-10 year plan! But with any new season I find there is change, loss, sometimes sadness and lots of unknown. Again I don’t know how I’ll manage this new season……… but believe I’ll learn – as long as I take it one step at a time!

We’re singing this song at LCBC Church right now where the lines says:

I look back and see that You are faithful – I look ahead believing You are able…

I cry every time I sing that line – because it is truth! God’s character had been so evident – proven true – in the past 35 years of my life, but made even more real the past 6 months. He is faithful. He is able. And I will lean into Him and live today, one step at a time.

So I don’t know what the rest of 2014, or the next six months, hold for me. I pray they are a little lighter than before and yet I know He has been faithful – in my past, believe He is in my present, and trust He will be in my future!

“I Will Look Up” Only King Forever
2014 Elevation Worship


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  1. You’re an inspiration; I love and cherish you so very much. Tears reading this, so beautiful.

  2. You are a beautiful writer! Your words, so often are exactly what I’m thinking and feeling! Thank you Shauna, for sharing your heart and being so inspiring to lean on Him! Love you

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