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Memoir: a record of events written by a person having intimate knowledge of them and based on personal observation. An account of one’s personal life and experiences…

Dear friends…

As I spoke at my Mom’s Celebration of Life service in February, I shared how the stories and memories of MY moments with Mom, of our moments the past 35 years, had become treasures! Those remembered moments have become so precious to me… and I will continue to hold them so very close!

The past 12 weeks that have flown by, and I’ve had the most incredibly special moments with many of you.  You’ve shared your conversations, your moments, your encounters and interactions with me – remembering the moments you and Mom shared. You’ve told me of stories and moments, those lasting impressions YOU hold, and in all honesty – I have affected so deeply.  The effect of WHO my Mom is and the impact she has had on so many people is more precious than any tangible THING she ever gave me. *Mom, was never big on having ‘stuff’ – she was much more intentional about investing in people, in relationships, in conversations, in a glance, in moments, in laughter, in tears, in prayer.

My counselor strongly encouraged me to create a way to remember Mom – so in good days, in sad days, in many days where remembering gets tough, I’ll be able to remind myself of who she is! Some people memorialize those who have passed by creating a scrap book, or a display of stuff or some other special way……. and over the past few weeks as I thought about what I might want to do, I kept coming back to the thought…  of I want to know and to remember the Memoir’s: the impact of my Mom’s life! She invested in people. She left an impression. She had an impact. As mentioned, some of you have shared amazingly beautiful moments – relaying conservations and I’ve begun to write them down, creating a collections – a snap shot of who Mom is, not just as my Mom and friend, but who she was – to all….

So I need your help!

Mom’s relationship with each of us was so specific, so personal and I’m not asking for the deepest, most personal moments you shared, because those are YOUR gifts! However, I know there was much more to my Mom’s life, that she shared with you, than the moments just she and I had together. If you are willing, I would love to know what Mom meant to you, how she impacted and shaped your world. What was one thing she told you, said to you, prayed with you about, spoke of, imparted to you… a trip, a place, anything – that you’d be willing to share with me?

I would LOVE to have a few paragraphs, a photo of you or you and her or something that’s meaningful (with an explanation) to include.

If you’re able to send that, I’d love for you to email: or if you’d prefer to mail, you’re welcome to do that as well: Attn: Shauna Charles, 2392 Mount Joy Road, Manheim, PA 17545. I don’t really have a deadline to get things collected – but would love to be working on this in the coming weeks.

Thanks so much — for who YOU were to Mom and fur allowing her to be part of your worlds!!


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  1. Such a special thing to do for such a precious lady! It will be a beautiful memoir filled with all of the fabulous ways Lau has touched so many! I miss her so much, everyday! Love you….. I’ll be in touch! xo

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