My Momma…

So the last 4 weeks of my life have been a crazy whirlwind, roller coaster of emotions…

Mom went to the Emergency Room January 9th, because of some extreme difficultly breathing. Several days later received a diagnosis of cancer, which had spread throughout her body. She didn’t have any pain or symptoms of cancer which the Doctors continued to be surprised by. She was admitted to LGH Sunday, January 26th because her breathing was incredibly labored and stayed with an amazing nursing staff (8 Lime) and ICU Unit, and great teams of doctors, for the next 16 days.

I spent significant time in her room the last 2 weeks. Sitting. Listening. Watching. Praying. Helping. Caring. Loving. Being…. I can’t say how many LGH staff came to Mom’s room and commented on how different it “felt”. It was peaceful. There was rest. Fear, panic and discouragement wasn’t seen. They kept saying the demonstration of love from friends and family was unlike any they had really seen in a long time, if ever! The love, kindness and gratitude we all showed the staff – day in and day out – was amazingly beautiful and not commonplace.

Obviously with any life-threatening situation….. You have questions and I am no exception — one morning as I sat in my room before heading to be with Mom, I asked heaven my questions – which were not many…. I felt like His response was, “Yes Shauna, you love her dearly but I love her more – and it’s time for her to be with me!” Mom and I talked later that morning and I told her that – she smiled, nodded her head and said she was ready to go.

Mom and I had some amazing conversations the past 2 weeks – ones that have shifted my perspective about life and love and that I will treasure forever! Yes, my heart is broken – like never before, but I know that she’s in the best place where cancer, fatigue, shortness of breath, tears and pain is not an issue!!!

She is an amazing Mom. Grandmother. Friend. Wife. Sister. Daughter. Teacher. Writer. Impactor of her world…..

I miss her – more than I can ever say… But I know she and Jesus are having the most amazing time — and that He is Loving her – like she’s never been before!!!

my Momma…



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  1. Shauna, you are an amazing woman! I see so much of your mother in you. She is so incredibly proud of you – and so is the Lord. You cared for her well!

  2. Shauna….God has blessed you with many talents and you were such a source of joy to your mother. She spoke of you fondly and with a quiet pride. Thank you for being there with her and for her! God bless you as you proceed on the journey Papa has for you. He is good and His love endures!
    Mama Shirley

  3. Oh Shauna. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your precious momma. I am praying you and your family as you grieve with hope of a future reunion and celebrate the life she lived. May the God of all comfort and peace feel ever present with you!

  4. you are correct in saying what an amazing woman your mother was – I only really knew her in passing – but her kindness was unmistakable. I am so sorry for your loss but know you have wonderful memories which will carry you through this time and those you will always cherish. She is in a much better place now. May prayers and blessings and God’s hands hold you all close.

  5. Please receive all my Love and Hugs and prayers for peace & courage to walk this journey step by step, my friend! Yes, God is bigger … keep leaning on Him.

    Your friend,

  6. So sorry for you and your family – was quite surprised when I read about her on a post on FB this am. I got to serve with your mom in the healing rooms years ago and am saddened for you and your family. May you know God’s grace and peace in abundance in the coming days and months. liked reading about you and your mom and her last days with her on this earth.

  7. Shauna, my heart goes out to you. I am speechless. There are no words as I read this. I did not know she was even sick. I ran into her not too long ago and we talked together. I dearly loved her and I have precious memories of our years at NDMS and many since. I am just in shock. My prayers and love go out to your family. I am so very sorry for your loss. Joyce (Steve)

  8. Ruth Lehman

    I met your mother long ago in the healing rooms and other prayer events.I loved the way she loved Jesus. the last time I saw her she was on her face crying out to God on behalf of Lancaster city. God bless and comfort you with many good memories and you were there when she needed you the most.
    Daddy is a faithful Father we can fully trust. hallelujah.

  9. Hi Shauna. I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of and praying for you (and your family) during this time. My mom just told me today about your blog post and your mom’s passing. You and your family had actually been on my mind frequently over the past few days. Now I know why. May God’s peace surround and fill you.

  10. Hi Shauna like you my mother went to be with God as well she had suffered from ca.ncer so when she passed a humble peace had come to me knowing that she would no longer suffer from this terrible disease ..It was the worst pain for me loosing both of my parents 3mo apart from each other. I cherish every moment I had with them …This is a beautiful story n shows how we grow from loss…Thank you Shauna Hutsell ❤

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