35 Days…. paused!

So if you’ve been followings blog the past few weeks you know I’ve been attempting to write about 35 influential people in my world. I’ve loved doing it and it has shown me again that my life is FULL of and amazing people!! I am blessed beyond measure!!

Unfortunately, due to some significant health issues my family is dealing with right now, I need to put a pause on my writing. I do love writing, but this season, is requiring too much of me to keep up with the remaining 10 days (and unfortunately I procrastinated and didn’t work ahead…)! My intention is to finish my list of people sometime in the near future but for now – its on pause!

So to those I’ve mentioned publicly. And those who’ve been the “behind the scenes”, supporting roles – THANK YOU for everything.

Much love – to you all!!!


2 thoughts on “35 Days…. paused!”

  1. I’ve enjoyed following your journey of thankfulness this month, especially in light of all that you’ve been dealing with. You have a beautiful group of friends to support and encourage you. Been praying for you all these past couple of weeks, and have had the privilege of praying for you these past couple of years behind-behind-the-scenes. Peace to you…

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