35 Days, Danielle Landis and Me…

So if you’re just jumping into my blog-stream now, here’s what’s going on. So I’m just a few weeks away from my 35th birthday and instead of just planning a party or making big plans on what I could do for me, I thought I’d take time and share about some of the people in my world who have influenced me, to become the person I am today! Please know that not everyone in my life is written about and everyone I’ve come in contact with, has had influence on my life, but these are the 35 people……

Day TWENTY THREE: Danielle Landis… co-worker and Friend!

In my 34 years on the planet, I’d had the opportunity to work with some amazing bosses and co-workers but it wasn’t until the last 6 months that I’ve seen the incredible gift of an amazing Team!

Danielle joined the LCBC staff last year as an assistant to the Executive Team. The position she was hired for has been empty for several months and although I was stretched beyond the point I thought I could ever handle, timing, and getting the “right” Danielle 2jpgperson into that position was incredibly valuable!  Danielle supports several of the guys who oversee huge portions on the ministry here so the responsibility and position is no small task!

I am incredibly thankful for not only what she brings to her guys and our office, but personally the support, life, laughter (and love of numbers) to my world!  My position has not been one of “team” in the past but seeing Danielle’s skills, love of work and challenge for new things and variety and her beautiful spirit and personality has been more life-giving to me than I ever dreamt!

As mentioned, in previous posts, my hesitancy to give things away, aka – delegate, has been a bit obnoxious.  However, I’ve seen myself in the past months being able to give things away and I think it’s been partly because of what Danielle brings to our office! She is trustworthy.  She is more than capable. She is skilled, talented, teachable, Danielleloves a challenge, and takes life and it’s opportunities head on!

  • Danielle – THANK you for being amazing!  You are an incredible asset to LCBC as an organization, to our guys and on the personal side of things, ME! I am thrilled to have you in my corner of the world, to help keep order, to step in and support in the moments where I feel like I’m sinking!  You are a true treasure and I’m thrilled to share my 40+ hours every week with you! You are a 5 GOLD Star girl and makes today… a 10!

*I can not say how thankful I am to have you in THIS season!  Knowing that things are being covered and that “my guys” have you to help as they need, is such a relief!  THANK YOU for being lovely, wonderful, YOU!!