35 Days, Darlene Zschech and Me…

Day 20 of my 35 Days, People and Me blog. I’ve loved having a chance to reflect on those people who’ve influenced my world greatly the past years! If you’re just joining, we’re on day 20, approaching my 35th birthday in just a few weeks, so here’s number twenty.

Day TWENTY: Darlene Zschech

I wouldn’t say I have lots of mentors or those who intentional meet with me and speak into my world but there’ve been a few – very influential – woman, who’ve impacted me, just by living out their life-calling and Darlene is one of them.

imageI attended Hillsong College in Australia, 2001-2004, and had opportunity to watch (and be led) by this beautifully gifted lady week in and week out. Her heart for worship and to BRING people along – into heavens presence, to the feet of Jesus, was beautifully inspiring.

The thing I noticed most about her, besides her giftedness and talent, was her KNOWING of WHO she is, her calling, knowing what she was about, her confidence and security – without fear that someone would “take her place”! Her leadership, not only in worship – but in every setting was breathtaking! Her heart for people was amazing to watch. There were times I’d see people trying to talk to her, because of who she is and being known, and her genuine care and expression of value was clearly obvious.

DarleneToday, my Mom had “Revealing Jesus” playing — http://www.revealing-jesus.com/listen/  — and the truth, of the words sung, the prayers prayed, moved me more than ever before. TRUTH, presented in ways that connect in deeper than surface levels – have the ability to move deeply, stir the spirit and set emotions free.

  • Thank you Darlene for who you are! For the way you live your life – freely and openly – showing humanity, but breathtaking faith!! Incredibly grateful that your time on the planet intersected with mine!!