35 Days, Amy (Weaver) Zook and Me…

So if you’re just jumping into my blog-stream now, here’s what’s going on. I’m just a few weeks away from my 35th birthday and instead of just planning a party or making big plans on what I could do for me, I thought I’d take time and share about some of the people in my world who have influenced me, to become the person I am today! Please know that not everyone in my life is written about and everyone I’ve come in contact with, has had influence on my life, but these are the 35 people……

Day SEVENTEEN: Amy Zook… Friend!

If you’ve been in my world for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard me talk about my friend Amy (Weaver) Zook. We met many years ago, or at least knew of each other a long time ago… but it wasn’t until both she and I returned back to Lancaster County probably 10 years ago, shortly after finishing college when we connected.  Our mom’s were friends and at a party my mom mentioned setting us up on a “friend date” – which we scheduled and became friends from then.

AmyOur lives have taken different paths (as we didn’t do the same schooling, go to the same church, didn’t work together), and yet the connection we’ve made and continue to navigate through has been an incredible blessing to us both.  There was a time, and Amy’s version of the story is was funnier than mine, but I may have tried to “break up with her” at one point.  We had both reached a season in life where so many things were pulling for our attention, I was just trying to set realistic expectations that the amount of time we had together may be less in the coming years.  She looked at me and said, “Are you trying to break up with us? Cause that’s not gonna happen….”  We both laugh at that when we talk about that now… and in all honesty — I’m soooooo glad she didn’t let me walk away!!

Amy’s sense of humor, personality, character, spirit, independence and reliance on God and others has been amazing to watch! I have seen her navigate some tough times, times of questions, and am impressed by who she is and how she allowed God to use those things to shape her into an amazing woman! I am honored to have her in my life!

This week, I again was reminded of the incredible blessing Amy (and her family) are to me and my family!  My mom and I were chatting about how our relationships are the perfect example to sowing/reaping.  Those relationships we invest in ultimately give returns and we are incredibly blessed by those who walk this life with us!

  • Amy – thank you for being an amazing friend!  Thank you for not letting me walk away, or to drift away in the process of life! Thank you for the investment in our friendship and for the paths you’ve walked first, and for the strength, perspective, encouragement and support you have been and I now will be in the coming months and years!  You are a true treasure to me! Much love, my dear friend!