35 Days, Ruth Ashcraft and Me…

So if you’re just jumping into my blog-stream now, here’s what’s going on.  So I’m just a few weeks away from my 35th birthday and instead of just planning a party or making big plans on what I could do for me, I thought I’d take time and share about some of the people in my world who have influenced me, to become the person I am today!  Please know that not everyone in my life is written about and everyone I’ve come in contact with, has had influence on my life, but these are the 35 people……

Day THIRTEEN: Ruth Ashcraft… Friend!

I’ve been incredible honored to not only work for a phenomenal man, but to be friends with his wife, an amazingly godly women, Ruth!  We haven’t known each other well for a long time, but the past few months, having had opportunity to spend time together, chatting over dinners and catching up on a weekends, has been so life-giving.

Ruth’s heart for people, for them to be connected and to have their lives changed by Christ is incredibly evident! In my 34 years on the planet, I’ve watched people and sometimes wonder if they are truly as lovely and sweet (and happy) as they come across, all the time… but with Ruth, it is 100% real! She’s one of the most genuine and beautiful woman I’ve had the chance to know!  Her spirit is gentle, kindness drips from her words, compassion and care is evident in her life, her investment and interest in people’s lives is often breathtaking. I’ve watched her celebrate with friends and have seen her walk in tougher times and all the while being so incredibly true to herself! When I attended Hillsong College/Church, I had a chance to sit, week in and week out, as their Senior Pastor’s wife taught on the Proverbs 31 woman – and I always wondered if she really existed… I think Ruth, is as close to that in the flesh – as I’ve ever seen!

Ruth, thank you for your friendship!  For demonstrating – day in and day out what being a wife, mother, Pastors wife and FRIEND looks like!  I appreciate who you are more than I can ever say and I’m incredibly thankful that God brought you and David to Pennsylvania and that our paths have crossed for this season!

You are a beautiful, breath of fresh air in my world!  Thank you for being you!!!