35 Days, John Zeswitz and Me…

So if you’re just jumping into my blog stream now, here’s what’s going on.  So I’m just a few weeks away from my 35th birthday and instead of just planning a party or making big plans on what I could do for me, I thought I’d take time and share about some of the people in my world who have influenced me, to become the person I am today!  Please know that not everyone in my life is written about and everyone I’ve come in contact with, has had influence on my life, but these are the 35 people……

Day ELEVEN: John Zeswitz… “boss” and friend!

Where do I start on this?  As most of you might know, my track to employment at LCBC was lengthy.  I applied and interviewed 4 times for different positions and one day, 2 years after I had put my first application in, I received a phone call from our HR guy saying they’re hiring a new guy and was needing an assistant for him,  would I come again and interview. I remember sitting in John’s office, having the most strange interview of my life! Two things from that conversation; 1) he asked what was the biggest thing I learned at college? And 2) told me story about some funeral and the history of his name, Zeswitz (which learning how to say his last name was probably my scariest part of the job consideration…)  I never laughed so much in an interview and should’ve seen that few moments as the foundation for the following years! John’s not your typical boss… although I’m not sure exactly what that is and I often wonder if his difference makes him so amazingly great at what he does.  He’s a phenomenal manager (of the many people he has in his sphere), his attention to details is crazy.  It’s been amazing to have a front row seat, watching his interactions, hearing his words – caring yet directing, as need be, has taught me how to handle so many tough conversations, which I think I would’ve normally ran from.

I remember the day John called me into his IMG_2458office to offer me a new job position that I had wanted and dreamed would come some day.  He spoke of not wanting to ask me, because it meant my moving away from supporting him, but that he had to.  I was extremely flattered (and as I mentioned wanting the new position), but at the same time I wasn’t sure I was ready to not work for him.  I returned the following day after having “thought about it” and said I’d take the new job, only if I could stay supporting him as well.  (People have questioned my sanity on that move, but I so appreciate the way that JZ leads and wasn’t sure I was ready to not have that.)  The job shift has been over 4 years now and I still think it was the best move I’ve ever made in my career path!  I have the most incredible opportunity to work with 2 of the best guys, in my opinion, on the planet!  I am immeasurably blesses and am thankful for all this position – and influence of JohnZ in who I am to our organization, but also to the planet!

  • John, you have been an amazing boss, friend, constant source of laughter (even when I’m trying to remain focused and get work down). You are an incredible encouragement to keep moving forward, a reminder of the influence and good I bring to our organization. Thank you for trusting me, for seeking my input, for allowing me to try and fail, to question, to express concerns and for not fearing the emotions that occasionally show up. Thank you for pushing me forward, for challenging perspectives, to learn how to let things go and that someone’s 100% is ok to be my 85%… I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work for you and with you these past 6 years – what an incredible journey!  And as you say often, “I can’t believe we get paid to do this!!”

Thank you (and your amazing wife, Chrissie) – for everything!