35 Days, Jana Eikeland and Me…

Day 10 of my 35 Days, People and Me blog. I’ve loved having a chance to reflect on those people who’ve influenced my world! If you’re just joining, I’ve decided to write about some of the influential and impacting people in my world – as I approach my 35th birthday in just a few weeks!

Day TEN: Jana Eikeland... college comrade and life-long friend!

So my experience at Hillsong College was not only about education, or living in Australia for 3 years, but it was about the amazing people I had a chance to meet.  Jana Eikeland, my friend from Canada, was one of the many amazing people who’s path crossed mine!  We chatted this week and realized it’s been over a decade of friendship!  Obviously lives have ups and downs and I can say that Jana has been part of many of those – albeit from MANY miles away, and oftentimes with 6 months between conversations, but the perspective she brings is amazingly life-giving!

She says when she first saw/met me (at college), I was wearing leopard print shirt… and “knew I would be fun…” – I can only imagine what the first meeting was like.  Oh my!  I’m not sure if I’ve lived up to her thoughts about me, but we’ve definitely had some fun times together, and apart!  We did 2 years of college together,  had a wonderful week of me visiting very chilly Canada (in January)… many janaskype conversations, text messages, snail mail!

I LOVE our chats. Our conversations usually end up with “messages and sermons” and my frantically taking note – such wisdom and perspective she shares and I’m thankful to be the recipient of many of those revelations! We’ve both journeyed, separate but similar roads and I’m incredibly thankful for perspective and truth which naturally flow in our times together!

THANK YOU dear friend, Jana – for taking the time to continue to walk life with me, even though we are 2,300 miles apart! I appreciate your friendship, your encouragement, your prayer, your laugh and your life!  You are a breath of fresh air, life-giving joy and I’m never letting you go! Much love to you my darling friend ~