35 Days, Jen McDowell and Me…

Day 9 in my 35 Days, People and Me blog.  I love this journey of looking at the people in my life – those who are seasonal, those who are for specific reasons and those who’s impact will be and has been more greater than I ever thought possible!

Day NINE: Jen McDowellfriend!

Some of the people I’ve been blogging about have been long-term relationships – those that have known me my entire 34 years. Others (so far) have been 5+ years, however this amazing lady, Jen McDowell is probably the newest person in my life that has had a lasting impact on my life and my perspective! One of my friends always says that Friendship are for a season, a reason or a lifetime…  I’m not sure what Jen and my relationship will be in the coming months and years, but I believe wholeheartedly that it was most definitely for a reason, in this season!

I met Jen several months ago while we were celebrating a mutual friend’s birthday.  She and I sat at the table and over breakfast, while sharing some of our stories.  I was shocked, thrilled and encouraged at how much our stories (my current and her previous) had in common.

I’ve blogged previously of my journey to be content in my “single-hood” and the process that has been. I’ve shared how people have walked with me in those moments of questions and the encouragements they’ve given, but there was something different in my conversation with Jen. There was an understanding. There was a true knowing of those emotions, the feelings, that oftentimes are uncontrollable and completely consuming – she spoke that those were valid and very real and completely appropriate. In that conversation, and those that have followed, she’s “given me permission” to feel, to express, to be real in the moments that suck. She’s created space for me to be authentic in my questions and doubts that change will ever come. Her encouragements, and not “promising” things will ever be different, or change has been more life-giving than I can express and exactly what I need in those moments and this season!

  • Jen, thank you so much for your friendship! Thanks for the space you create for me to be me, in all my real emotions and experience.  Thank you for you checking in and extending invitation – and for allowing me to be who I am, in whatever moment I find myself!  I am incredibly thankful that our paths have crossed and for the woman that you are.

gift of friendship