35 Days, Amanda Hann and Me…

Day 8 in my 35 Days, People and Me blog.  It’s crazy thinking through all the people in my life, that have influenced, helped shape my life and I love sharing (very limited) glimpses of life with these amazing people!

Day EIGHT: Amanda Hann… many things, but FRIEND!

AmandaWhere to start… Amanda Hann – wife, mother, sister, daughter, teacher, principle, influence-er, learner, inspire-er, woman of character, lover of life, infectious laughter, Fun, FRIEND (and so many more words that can’t even come close to explain who she is to me, and so many others!)

Reasons. Seasons. Lifetime!

I’ve had the amazing privilege to have this beautiful woman in my life for more than 8 years… (neither of us remember exactly when we became friends… But she remembers where we were and what I was wearing)! We’ve had some amazing adventures together… that beach trip where I had a “slight case” of sun-poisoning… and my favorite line, while lying on the floor as close to the A/C as possible… “come back to bed…” – I think I’ll always remember that one!

Magners Moments

We’ve had celebratory “Magner’s Moments” -excited about the new-things and next seasons… Our adventures in New York, or more correctly, on the way getting there… “You can make it…” and then BAM, running into the curb! We’ve had moments of tears (those single tears rolling down your cheek are my favorites), moments of laughter (ie: wiping water off the floor with your shirt)… moments that have challenged us, grown us as women, moments that have made us love deeper, dream bigger, run farther, live greater! I have learned what it is to love unconditionally, through crazy times, even when it hurts and it might be easier to walk away. I’ve been challenged to change. Challenged to be real with myself – to look in the mirror and ask the hard questions. I’ve been encouraged to face fears, to be true to who I am, what I feel called to do. Amanda 2I’ve been challenged to live my life selfless (as I watched her shave her head to support someone, she didn’t know that well, in support of their journey through breast cancer.)  I’ve seen her continue learning and leading, both in career and now as a beautiful mother and wife!  So many laughs, so many tears, and ALL of those moments – I would never change – not even for one second!


I am incredibly thankful for who you ARE and for the person you are.  Thank you for being a constant in my world.  For all that you bring to my life and all that you allow me to be to you! I am thrilled to be doin’ life with you, and can’t wait to see the next chapters unfold for us both!

I love you more than I can ever say!