35 Days, LuAnn Eitner and Me…

Day 7 into my 35 Days/People and Me Blog. I’ve had a few people ask me what made me do this “people blog” and my answer is that so often we just live our lives without sharing WITH the people we like most, their impact and influence on our lives… so as my 35th birthday approaches, here’s to the people who have influenced me (through the good, the bad and sometimes ugly times), to become the woman I am today!

Day SEVEN: LuAnn Eitner… Friend and coworker

LuAnn NYCIt would’ve been about 6 years ago when we first met! Not only are we coworkers but she has become so much more — she is friend!  When I first started on the LCBC Staff, it was probably one of the first days, when I had the chance to meet this fabulous lady, as our cubicles were right next to each other.  It might have been by “default” that we became friends, but whatever the reason, I’m incredibly thankful for who she is! (*and for the fun discoveries of things like “F11″…) We’ve had the opportunity to work with on many projects, special events, in our “team”, but more than that I think our many conversations around our jobs, our moments of celebrating wins and even in the frustrating moments or “what are we gonna do about this one…?” have brought us close together. I think our similar drive to not just do what we are asked, but to go above and beyond — because that’s how we’re wired” — has made us even closer coworkers.  LuANN 1I love that we’ve had opportunities to travel, for work (gotta love our few days in Kansas City, the convertible, KrispyKreme donuts and someone washing their hands in the windshield washer fluid…) but also our fun adventures in NYC and you saying “if one more person bumps into me……”  I LOVE doin’ life with you!  I’m thankful for the many shared moments with you!!

LuAnn, thank you for your friendship! Thank you for the many laughs, the great moments of just being us, for the help, support, encouragement, the ever constant willingness to always help, to volunteer, to care and love. You are a true asset to LCBC, but an even more valuable ‘asset’ to my world!  THANK You my dear friend!