35 Days, Stacey Gagne and Me…

Day 6 into my 35 Days/People and Me Blog. I’ve had a few people ask me what made me do this “people blog” and my answer is that so often we just live our lives without sharing WITH the people we like most, their impact and influence on our lives… so as my 35th birthday approaches, here’s to the people who have influenced me (through the good, the bad and sometimes ugly times), to become the woman I am today!

Day SIX: Stacey Gagne Roommate!

There are people that come and go in your life who very infrequently mesh well enough to be “long term” – but you, Stacey – are one of those people!

For those of you who don’t know Stacey, we met years ago through mutual friends. Our relationship wasn’t “best friends” in our first meeting, or the kind where you spend every waking moment together, but I knew she was a great girl. When I moved back to the US after several years in Australia, we randomly bumped into each other oneStacey night at a coffee shop, ended up chatting and decided we’d make great roommates. In one of our original conversations we commented how we’d be roommates for probably only a year or 2…. Well my friends, that was almost eight and a half years ago.  I have heard so many room-mate horror stories and I must say, I “lucked” out with this one!!! (And I’m so thankful for that!!)  Stacey is and has been fabulous to live with. We typically do not have the same schedules, the same personal habits, or the same decorating styles, but I love how we function in our home. We often joke about being “ships passing the night”…. but one of my favorite thing about us is our “Roommate breakfasts”.  We get to the point where we haven’t seen or caught up more than 10min in the kitchen or hallway, so we send the “we should catch up — let’s schedule a breakfast…” I love that we are friends, who have mutual friends, but our lives are individual, with no pressure to be something we are not!

Stacey, I am incredibly thankful for You! Thank you for putting up with my crazy and quirkiness (or my hermit days) and for making our home a great place to crash at the end of a long day! I appreciate your friendship (not just because you help pay the rent) – but for allowing me space to be (happy or blah). You are a truly fabulous woman and it’s great to do life with you!!!

(*PS. I totally stole this photo from facebook… I realized we don’t have a photos together… we should probably fix that!!)