35 Days, Dad and Me…

So it’s Day 2 into my 35 Days/People and Me Blog. As mentioned yesterday, my 35th birthday is just a few weeks away and instead of just planning a party or making big plans on what I could do for me, I thought I’d take time and share about some of the people in my world who have influenced me (through the good, the bad and sometimes ugly times), to become the woman I am today!

Day TWO: Keith Charles, also known as… DAD

People say that the relationship between a Father and his daughter is unlike any other and I would have to agree!  Dad, you are an amazing man!  I’ve had the amazing privilege to be your daughter, your baby – and it’s been an awesome journey so far!  I remember growing up thinking I was so much like you, but in reality I am much more like mom, but I think I WANTED to be like you, because I liked WHO you were and what you were about!  Thank you for the many voicemail messages with that snippet of that Country-song that made you think of me, and “you’re going to sing at my wedding”!  Thanks for the stopping by the house “just to check” and make sure the radiators or the water heater were working!  IMG_0140Thanks for the countless taking a look at/fixing my car(s) and saving me hundreds of dollars in paying a professional mechanic!  Thanks for ALL the “little things”!

I love your heart for people, to serve and love them, even when it’s hard (of sometimes one-sided) — your character, your strength, is so telling of who you are. You have demonstrated what working hard looks like.  You have shown what it is to love and be loved, and you have set the bar high for any guy who pursues me! I have loved watching you Love Mom, and those moments of you two dancing in the kitchen will forever be in my heart…!

  • Dad, you are wonderful!  Thank you for the investment, not only financially in my world but in every way. Thank you for caring for me, for loving me, for showing me what a father’s love for his children is – a reflection of MY FATHER! You are dearly loved and I pray that all that you have done for me, will someday be reflected back to you.