35 Days, Mom and Me…

So I’m just a few weeks (35 days) away from my 35th birthday and instead of just planning a party or making big plans on what I could do for me, I thought I’d take time and share about some of the people in my world who have influenced me (through the good, the bad and sometimes ugly times), to become the woman I am today!  Please know that not everyone in my life is written about and everyone I’ve come in contact with, has had influence on my life, but these are the 35 people, who when reflecting on my life, stand out and I wanted to write about/to them! *They are not listed in any particular order!

ONE: Lauren Charles, also known as… MOM

Where do I begin?! Obviously ones IMG_2133mother has a huge impact on their lives.  Whether they are present or not, our very lives were (if not currently) depend on them.  My mom is one of the most amazing, incredibly fabulous women I’ve ever had the privilege to know. Her heart is beautiful. Her spirit magnificent. Her willingness to serve, to love, to support, to care not only for her immediate family but for all those around her is incredibly inspiring! I have had a front row seat, for the past 34 years, the most incredible opportunity, to see her generosity, her love demonstrated in ways that most people may not have the opportunity to see, day in and day out! I am truly thankful for her. Life, for all of us, is not always easy and there are seasons of questions, but in the midst of those, her persistence, her questions of heaven and pursuit of God is overwhelming encouraging!


Mom, you are a phenomenal woman!  Thank you so much for being You!  For all that you’ve invested in my life (not just financially) but in every way! Thank you for being an beautiful example of how to pursue God, to LIVE life fully and the importance of surrounding yourself with people who do life with you…  I am blessed to call you Mom!