Surrending… INSIDE the box!

So a friend of my recently posted this photo and when I sawImage it was struck with its very simple truth: “little girls with dreams become women with vision…” If we’re honest, I’d say most of us, as some point had a dream.  When we’re little someone would ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up…?” And we responded with whatever we had heard people say our “profession” would be.  More than likely I answered with the;  mom, wife, nurse or some other female “role”.  But what was my heart saying? What was the dream that deep inside that I was yet to discover?

I recently had conversations with 2 amazing women, who are part of my life, but not in the everyday emotion/circumstances of my day to day.  In both those conversations the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up…?” was asked.  I responded saying that what I’m doing (professionally) is what I want to be, but there are other things that I long to do, but I think there’s timing that I must wait for.  I want to live a big life. To live fully to my designed capacity and I think time is a key aspect of that.

That question and those conversations began me thinking.  dreamingIt began to stir my heart (and head), again, in the best way!  Am I really living the dream I have in my heart?  Do I even know what that is? In my quiet moments alone, do I know what my design, the core of my being to be?

This weekend LCBC message Greater: Dare to Hope  was about living INSIDE our Box. Living content with what we have already been giving and using what we already HAVE to impact the world. To live. To be. To do.  Sunday I ended up watching another message Mind Games: Surrender at NorthCoast Church (CA),  where Chris Brown was speaking – again on surrender.  Giving control to God, but more than thinking-inside-the-boxthat, allowing the calling, the design which is already on my life – to be the thing that motivates me to act. To live. To be. To do.  Both messages were challenging to me.  The question, am I living out the DESIGN, that DREAM placed in my heart way back at the beginning of my timeline still surging through my heart?

I think a lot of us struggle to make something of our lives.  We want our existence to mean something.  But how many of us our trying to live out someone else’s dream?  Someone else’s purpose and calling?  I was struck again; I was never intended to be someone else!  I was never designed to bring someone else’s gift and skills to the table.  I think so often I look at others and think their dream, their design is way cooler than what I have to give…… My fighting to have someone else’s gifts is exhausting!  Trying to live in someone else’s talents, skills, personality, relationship, life — is beyond exhausting!  It’s only when we embrace OUR DREAM. OUR DESIGN. OUR PURPOSE that we live wholly, freely, FULLY!