Sigh of humanity’s desperation…

I recently saw a video clip (Robert Fergusson at Hillsong Conference), where the speaker said,

A sigh of humanity’s desperation…. A suddenly of the Divine

Now the context of his message was of spiritual revival and I think that’s oftentimes where we see that worked out, but humanity sighs of desperation and the Divine moving on their behalf, bringing life change – Revival, is not only in the spiritual, I see that worked out in so many other places.

Humanity’s desperate SIGHS.

Humanity, in all it’s rawness and centrality of self, has extremely desperate moments. How often do we pray, using words and phrases with us as the core.  “Help ME!” “I need…” “Where are You cause I sure could…”.  eyelash tearsWe are intrinsically in-tune with ourselves because naturally we live there, 24/7.  The older I get, and the more I have conversations with people, the more open and real people are with me, the more I recognize that humanity has some incredibly desperate moments.  There are things, circumstance very much out of our control. There are times where desperate cries, a longing for the Divine to step in and “do something” is overwhelmingly present. I don’t necessarily think God just sits in heaven, waiting for us to cry out, to ask, but I think there are times, when He longs for our honest vulnerability and to hear us ask, for what we need, want, desire.  Yes, He already knows what we’re thinking and what we need, but the humility, the desperation of the ask, puts us in a place to see, receive and respond.

In a recent conversation with a friend, we chatted about the “levels” of need – of the ask. It is true that my need, as an American surrounded by a full and blessed life seems significantly shallow when compared to someone who the world would classify as “desperate” —- but the need, the desperation of heaven hearing and responding is no different.  I do not understand why I was born here, and have what I do, but my need – the things I long for so desperately are no less valued to God, for me, HIS Child.

The Suddenly of the Divine.

angelSo what is the Suddenly? What does that look like for you? Historically God has “shown” up in some very real and tangible ways, but what does that look like for you?  Is it a whisper?  Is it a loud voice?  Is it a word, a song, a sunset, the words from a friend, reading the same Bible verse again and seeing it in a whole new light… By definition, SUDDENLY is a happening without warning; it’s unforeseen, it’s characterized by rapidity; it is quick and swift. So in the context of the Divine… how does that play out? There is value in expectation, a hope and the seeking, but I think there are times when God shows up — a suddenly, oftentimes in ways we never thought.  Are you open to that?  I will admit in my most desperate of times, I cry out to God to show up – to do something – to reveal something… and I have an idea of what THAT looks like… but am I willing to see Him, the suddenly in a different way?  Am I willing to consider that perhaps HE has a different, a unforeseen, rapid and quick way of doing things, HIS WAY? Why do we box God?  Why do we so often tell Him HOW He needs to do things?

I don’t know what your sigh of desperation is. My “sighs” right now are deep, and sometimes extremely desperate. But the suddenly of the Divine – the movement of Heaven I believed is coming — whether I see, feel, hear or know…  I am expectant (and hopeful) of that moment – that moment when the Suddenly of the Divine meets the sigh of desperation for my soul!


*Luke 11:9


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