Sometimes all I want is a voice…

… but then when the moment comes, I shrink back in fear.  Why is that?  What is the thing in me that longs so much to be influencing and yet when actually asked to do it, makes me cringe, freak out and question if what I have to say is of value?

I’ve written several blogs the past few months that have very similar undertones. It’s been a year of needing to step into my fear, my uncertainty and to just dare greatly and have bold courage…footprint

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen more opportunity for me to step forward, to speak into circumstances, situation, to influence decisions.  I’ve had amazing opportunities to share my perspective and opinion which has influenced organizational conversations… and yet, oftentimes when those moments come – that boldness, that daring greatly gumption shrivels up. I hate those moments, but love that I have the eyes to see my gut-reaction and first response… my choice — to PUSH though so my part can become reality.

For those of you who don’t know, I was raised in the church, I grew up in Christian circles, had all the lines, knew my place and how to play to those “puddles”.  I could put on the best face and step “confidently” into things, but deep inside I was screamingpuddle to pull back and to push away.  Here’s the crazy thing I discovered – way back then – but it’s true even today… when an opportunity comes, and fear strains to cripple, stepping IN to it oftentimes leads to the most amazing rewards.  Those rewards may not be seen by any other person, or even be outwardly noticeable, but they are there – they have ripple effects, not only personal, but collective! They quite possibly be that influx of surety, the whisper of heaven, “well done”, the “I knew it was in me…” and the realization that this taken opportunity is the next small step into an even wider future.

What small steps do you need to take?


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