Hold loosely…

So about a year ago one of my dear friends expressed interest in a guy, ended up dating, engaged and soon will be married!! In the process of all that, there were many conversations of challenge, questions and excitement between her and I, as girlfriends do. There were the normal questions every girl asks… Is this right? What happens if he breaks my heart? What if I like him more than he likes me? What if I fall hard for him and he decides to walk away….?


We ended up chatting many times about relationships being risky. There are no promises or guarantees that “this” relationship is hurt or heartbreak-free… even if both people like each other at some point. Our conclusion –

Hold it loosely. To keep it close, hoping for possibility, but to hold it loosely!”

Our conversations continue in other matters these days and it wasn’t until recently where I’ve found myself needing to have that same reminder.

Over the years I’ve gotten really good with being confident, poised, together, controlled, and so very sure of who I am, where my emotions can/can not go and where I’m headed and with whom…… 99% of the time! And yet there are moments of sheer unsettlement – that 1% which has the capability to take me out, leave me breathless, visionless and in some moments crippled.

I’ve begun to see that those times are reminders – from heaven – that I truly am not THE ONE in control, nor should I be. My responsibility is to live life, fully engaged, not allowing fear of the unknown, of rejection, of being out-of-control to run rampant with my head, heart or emotions.

My friend mentioned to me something that made me think back to our conversations and here’s my conclusion, for me. This is a season where I must remind myself…

To dare greatly.
To hold loosely.
To trust wholly.
To enjoy every moment…

Will it be easy and will I even be successful in that, in every moment, probably not, but whatever I can learn in the process – is worth it.

Holding loosely…
Trusting wholly…
Loving every moment on the journey!



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