Breathtaking Reminders….

So if you know me at all, it’s is quite a “difficult” thing for me to power-off. Shut down. Disconnect from everything that pulls my attention and to just BE. I’ve allowed myself to become the very scheduled, full life, social butterfly, networked girl. These things in general are not bad…. But as with most everything in life — balance is key and sadly I’m not the best at finding that sweet spot!

photo 3 So I arrived Friday afternoon in South Carolina… and surprisingly found a quiet, slower pace and in that have been reminded (and challenged again) of the following simple TRUTHS.
– Time away, really away, is of great value and must be part of my normal ‘routine’ — even if it’s a day or half day!
– To relearn the art of breathing. Not physically, but in life! I run at such a fast pace that catching my breath is very rare. Breath. One of the simplest and yet most basic needs to humanity.
– To Relax… to the deepest core of my being. To stop the constant chatter. The texts. The emails. The Facebook and twitter posts (and stalking everyone else….) to power-off and relax!photo 2
– To find the value in unscheduled time. Schedules and having plans to accomplish things are ok and required to get the many things done but unscheduled time – To read. To think of nothing. To just stare at the wall, the ceiling, the sand, the ocean for hours and not regret it, is an art-form many have not mastered. (Note to self: these activities are not a waste of time unless it becomes my 24/7!)
– To be quiet. Being intentionally alone. Not thinking. Not talking. Not asking for anything — just BEING. No agenda. Nothing. Just silence. (And contrary to my fear… this will not kill you. Just stop!!)
– To listen… This is something I’ve lost! I used to journal, allot! I’d dump my thoughts on pages and then there was space to listen. To hear. But as my life has filled that journal has been neglected and all that formerly-written down stuff just lives in my head. Cluttering and taking space.

photo 4So the past few hours – being on the beach, near the beach, has been amazingly therapeutic. Listening. Emptying my head of clutter and just being still…..

Today as I sat in the sand – I listened! I listened to the rise and fall of the waves. In those moments I was reminded that HIS power, that controls the waves coming in and going out, is the same that is present in my life. He controls the very breath I breathe… The going in and out of my lungs.

I listened and I watched. I saw the immensity of who He is as Creator. His vastness, that fills the endless sky and boundless ocean is the very same that’s manifested in my world. photo 1His reminder that in the big, life-changing, extravagant, loud, delightful moments, His presence is very present!

I listened. I watched. And I saw! Even in the vastness, the majesty and the power… His gentleness, His care for me, is evidenced everywhere! It is shown in the finest grain of sand. The intricacies of each sea shell’s design. The tiny foot print of a sand pipers claw. The faint call of the birds in the distance. The look of love in the couple that walks hand in hand. The laughter of a child as they run towards the waves. The blues, grays, whites and hues of colors that paint the sky. Those very things – created for their own purposes were also for me!

I know I allow myself to get caught up in living. To be distracted by….. everything.

And yet….. These moments. Alone. Just me and Him, are breathtaking reminders that my life is seen. Valued. Worthy of love and affection. And I have captured His heart!


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  1. You are amazingly articulate, gifted in painting pictures with words and inviting people to enter into what you are seeing and feeling- a true gift of writing and I love it! (but I guess I’m a little prejudiced.

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