Do it. Be You. I dare you!

People watching.  Eavesdropping (on coffee shop conversations) and just observing humanity in its vastness of variety is and always has been one of the most intriguing things to me.  Perhaps it’s my desire to understand myself or to get a better glimpse of THE Creator, but that observing  His creation  functioning with all it’s quirkiness, intricacies, complexities and simplicities… is an amazing thing!

So I was recently sitting in a meeting where we were talking about people strengths and the thought of our organization needing them to bring them… “We need YOU to bring YOU!” was spoken again and again.  As I sat there listening I was challenged by this…. How many times in our lives – MY LIFE – do we think the be you scripttalents, gifts, personality, opinions, experiences, circumstance, are not of value or worth to those around me in my world, in my circle of influence?  Why do we as humanity struggle and strive to become something other than we are currently or who we are created to be?  Why do we think that those around us want something other than US?

In the past few years the idea of life-coaching, mentoring, and professional counseling has been circling. My thought had always been that I didn’t need to go see someone because there wasn’t anything “wrong” with me.  But I can say that my perspective has changed the past few months as those conversations with a professional has altered – her job isn’t to tell me (or FIX) what’s “wrong” with me… but it’s to help me gain correct and healthy perspective on WHO I already am with all my complexities, my intricate details that make me Shauna. I can tell you countless conversations, countless comments made to me in the past 34 years that have altered what I thought was of value — the things I could and should contribute to the world…  those comments and conversations have influenced what Be UniqueI thought was valuable and have been the things that motivated me to want to change.  Some of that desire to change was good – but some of that was based on negative things and in ways had stunted my growth into the person I know I’m called to be.

If you were to ask what my strengths are, I can list those out.  If you were to ask what I think my talents and gifts are, I could list those off as well… but so often I make the choice to hold back, to demonstrate only a fraction of those because of my fear of what people might say or their opinion of me being too confident, too extroverted, too “over the top” and just plain too much to handle.  However I can say the times in the past 30+ years where I knew who I was, what I was about, the why’s, the what’s, the how’s… ME, I felt the most alive, felt that I was contributing to the planet and the feedback from those I’ve given permission to speak truth to my life has been so affirming.

Be you artsy

So if you were to be watched. Overheard. Observed in a coffee shop or out with your friends… would the world see the TRUE you or the one that’s holding back personality, strengths, experiences, talents… Who are you and are you living TRUE to who you are — in this moment?

Do it. Be You. I dare you!