So if you’ve been around the planet for any amount of time, you’ve more than likely heard of the 5 Love Languages.  (Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service or Physical Touch).  I’ve been part of many conversations with friends discussing which of the 5 are their strongest or dominant, which is always so interesting.  And if you know me at all, you’d probably say that my top “languages” are Quality Time and Words of Affirmation.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that spending time with people is very much a life-giving thing.  I’ve always known that words are valuable to me as well, but I made a very interesting discovering the other day, when I received the following gift.

I recently bought a house and as a housewarming gift from my friend, I received one of the most meaningful, amazingly emotionally moving gifts ever…… WORDS of affirmation, in the simplest form.  When I opened the gift, I thought it was incredibly beautiful, but the more I looked at this, read each word and realized WHO had given each of the words on the canvas – I was undone.  I know that words have the power to bring life or death, but I hadn’t realized what a gift they were to me in that moment and the moments each word represented from my life.  I’ve tried counting the words several times (and only figured out there are more than 150 on this page), but in the midst of reading — I am touched, again and again by what these words represent.  The combination of letters are more than just words, representing  who I am to my friends and what they think about me as a person or who I am in their lives….. but they represent (and confirm the value of my exsistance on the planet).  They represent the impact I have on my world, the time I’ve shared with each of them individually, the amazing memories, the good times, and yes even some of the tough times.  Each word.  Each photo. Each memory attached to this simple material has impacted me more than I could ever say.

Jason Mitchell recently spoke a message at  LCBC Church – Life Apps: Encourage  where he talked about the power of our words. It was a great reminder of how the things that are spoken and even those things we don’t say, have an impact.  We’ve all heard people mention (typically at funerals) that they wished they had told so and so how much they loved them or what they meant to them… why do we wait until people are gone to tell them how we feel and how they’ve impacted the moments of our day, our week, our year — our lives?

Can I challenge you to tell someone —– just one person —- TODAY what they mean to you?  You don’t have to write a card, do a lengthy dissertation or monologue… just talk to someone… ONE word can bring LIFE to someone… Do it!