Understanding Your Purpose…

… gives incredible freedom!!!

It’s hard to believe that I finished college almost 10 years ago – (where does time and how did I get this old?)  I think allot of people would tell you that their college years were either a big “waste” of time or they were the life-shaping years that actually helped them start navigating through life…  mine were the latter.  I attended Hillsong International Leadership College (focused on Worship & Art/Vocal performance) and honestly was changed forever because of my time there.  I don’t think it was the Bible Classes, the general lectures, the vocal lessons, the papers I wrote or the assignments I handed in… it was the people, the conversations, the challenges I heard weekend after weekend or Thursday morning (Hillsong Women) — which altered who I ultimately would become.

There were a few glaring obvious “moments with Heaven” during my time in Australia but one in particular was that of purpose — a realization of my existence on planet earth!  I was sitting one Thursday morning at Hillsong Women (now called SisterHood) and Bobbie Houston, their Senior Pastor, was speaking on the Proverbs 31 woman… as she had for many months (and years before and after I was there).  I sat there listening to her talk – as I had done for many weeks previously. I don’t think Bobbie was talking specifically about calling/purpose but all of a sudden I felt something inside my heart.

“My Darling Daughter, You Are: Helper and Companion. Your purpose, your vision and filter for what you do, and the WHY – the motivation behind it all!”

I sat there stunned… I felt as if I had just been given definition for my life. It was (and is) the filter for which my life callings, my “to-do” list, my purpose and the motivations for all that I do and for my very existence on the planet.  Two simple words; Helper and Companion, and yet they hold so much meaning for me.

Since that moment, many years ago, I have dissected, worked through, struggled with (and sometimes against) those words — to understand what they truly mean, in all settings, in all my spheres of influence.  There are moments when I struggle against them being WHO I am… because I don’t want to be  what I felt it was “calling” me to be, to do, to live out.  There are times when I don’t want (or feel like) being all that these words have revealed to me —- but my heart pushes me to those places more often than I can ever say!

These words have become the filter for me — not only for my TO-DO things but also for given me freedom to say “NO” to things that don’t always fit.  I’m sure most people could find a way to make Helper or Companion fit most every situation… and yet as I’ve worked through defining those words for myself, there’s been clarity that has enabled me to say no, not right now, perhaps some time, etc… and there is much freedom in that!

I was recently in a conversation with a friend who was working through some life-definition — her life-statement.  She was trying to come up with a statement, a line or words that could define her purpose and give guidance (or a filter) to the WHY in which she functions.  It was a great conversation and also a great challenge to find out what they might be for her.  It’s not always easy knowing what that is or how to define your life purpose. I think there are many people who haven’t a clue what purpose or vision their life is… if that’s you — start asking! Ask Heaven to define that for you — God knows what you were created for, the why’s and the what for’s and will be THE BEST source of truth for your life!

As much as I’ve worked through this aspect of my life definition — I am still very much in process with these life-words and I’m sure it will always be.  Every day I have opportunity to live those words out or to turn and walk away opportunities I am given, but the moment I can see those 2 things — I function so much more effectively!