Trinity… of self

Trinity: A group consisting of three closely related members. In most Christian faiths, the union of three divine persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in one God.


I read an article recently, where it talked about how we tend to be consumed with ourselves.  Often times we think very highly of ourselves or perhaps it’s the complete opposite opinion, that we have a lesser value than others on the planet. I would say that at any given moment throughout the day, we have thoughts about how we look, we ask “what do people think of me?”, how we I have the next funny thing to say in a conversation, how we can contribute to family to friends, to community.  Thinking about ourselves doesn’t need to be negative, and I think most frequently, we are consumed with “US” because that’s what we know best. I would not classify myself as extremely book-smart or incredibly knowledgeable in lots of subjects, but I am very knowledgeable in the subject of ME — because I spend the most time (every moment of the past 33 years) with ME.  In getting to know myself, how I think, how I process life and all it hands me, what I like, don’t like, etc/ect…..  and I admit I can get easily consumed with ME and sadly, I often choose myself over other people, priorities and needs.

I have been challenged recently to step outside my self-consumed thinking to “others” (again).  I won’t blame anyone for my self-absorption, because it’s all my doing…. but I’ve been challenging myself to engage others in conversation instead of just sitting and waiting for someone to ask me how I’m doing or what’s the latest news in “Shauna-world”!  My favorite subject CAN NOT be me.  I can not be in-love with my own voice and my needs being met every second of every day.

In the past few weeks I’ve had several conversations where the circumstances and needs of those in my world are great.  I am humbled and honored to even be invited into those times… however in those moments, there was (and is) no need for my “self-trinity”.  Those moments are not (and oftentimes can not be) about Me, myself or I.  Sometimes choosing OTHERS before and above self is a challenge and yet the reward in doing that is priceless!

The older I get the more I realized life is a process.  I can’t say that I’ll be able to move past “me” to always think of others, but I love that I’m in process and that there have been and will be times when I will choose to allow OTHERS to be the most central part of my moments!

Praying for another (continued) perspective shift; LESS of Me and MORE of others, always!


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