Love Requires…

Love Requires…….. two very simple words – but have the potential to change the world, or at least my world!

I recently listened to a podcast for Andy Stanley/North Point Church and he mentioned this phrase: “What does Love require of me?” He was speaking in the context of the Church and what a different place the world would be if we all started living with this question as the motivating factor in our lives, individually and collectively. Over the past few weeks, as I’ve started asking…… “what does Love Require of me?”  I’ve seen a shift in my perspective and motivation of what I do, my attitude and interactions with people.  I have, by no means, mastered it but I feel like something’s shifted.

Definition:  LOVE….  (in this context) —  Christ!  He expressed His LOVE for me by giving His life.  Do I truly understand what that means? And if I do — have I allowed that to impact the way I live my life daily?

Definition: REQUIRE…  an obligation, something appropriate, a demand. A responsibility.  In the past I think I saw a “requirement” as something that was negative and something I didn’t WANT to do.  It IS a strong word, but having a realization that there are things that my very existence on the planet demands….  and requires of me.

  • To LOVE, unconditionally.
  • To BELIEVE, the best in everyone.
  • To HOPE, for something better…
  • To TRUST, that He is in control and He will remain so!
  • To GIVE, even when nothing is returned… and may never be!
  • To CHANGE, when I want to stomp my foot.
  • To VALUE, when I can’t always see it myself.
  • To SPEAK, when all I want to do is remain silent.
  • To NOT SPEAK, when all I want is to talk.
  • To be INVOLVED, when all I want to do is run far away.
  • To be PRESENT, when the easier thing is to be removed and shut off.
  • To extend GRACE, because grace was and is given to me – everyday.
  • To FORGIVE, when all I feel is hurt.
  • To MOVE ON, when that’s the best, healthiest choice – for everyone.
  • To STAY, when I want to leave.
  • To be INVOLVED, when I want to remove myself.
  • To SACRIFICE, because I’ve seen that demonstrated.
  • To LEAD, when all I want to do if shrink back and follow.
  • To FOLLOW, when every fiber of my being is screaming, pushing to lead.
  • To CRY, with those who need to share a tear.
  • To be STRENGTH, even when I don’t have the energy to even lift my head.
  • To RELEASE CONTROL, because I do not know best.
  • To BREATHE DEEP, taking in every moment of life.
  • To SLOW DOWN, and look for Him.
  • To QUIET myself and listen to His whispers.
  • To RESPOND when He says move on.
  • To SEEK Him (in everything), when I don’t even know where to begin.
  • Me to BE.

Obviously, the list could go on and on and every day I find myself being challenged in another area.  I have not “arrived” — nor do I live with the idea that I will — ever!

Today is a new day, with opportunities to live – fully:


Answer: ………….EVERYTHING!