Since the moment I first heard the message from Bobbie Houston at Hillsong College (almost 10 years ago) –  I’ve been intrigued with the concept of….. FLOURISHING! I recently listened to another podcast from HillsongSisterhood and was again stirred to examine my life.  Am I flourishing?

Flourish: to grow well or luxuriantly: thrive: to do or fare well: prosper: to be in a period of highest productivity, excellence or influence.

Why should we flourish?  God created us to live a FULL, GREEN LIFE.  God wants us to succeed. He wants us to live wholly and completely so as we journey  through life we are in a position to impact those around us. I’ve heard it said so many times that I can not give to other what I do not process myself! If that is true and someone in my life is struggling, how will I be able to assist them, encourage them or be a breath of fresh air?  If I’m living in that same low, disappointed state – what do I have to offer anyone around me? If I choose to live life fully – to flourish – then I will be in a position to possibly affect change, to bring life, perspective shift as people around me need.  (Now some people say that my personality is just such as to influence people… perhaps there’s some truth in that, but attitude and perspective is a daily CHOICE.  I could choose to live in the “Why God?” times and keep my eyes low – focused on me… but God’s call for my life is so much bigger than me!)

If we flourish the “hard bits” aren’t as tough – personally or for others.  Yes, life has some really hard bits and there are some really tough things, tough circumstances we have to endure as humans, but there’s such power in the perspective of a flourishing individual verses one who is just pushing through.  Flourishing brings life to not only ourselves but to those around us! If we flourish we can be a tool in the hand of the Creator!

 “A life dedicated to things is a dead life, a stump:a God-shaped life is a flourishing tree! Proverbs 11:28 (MSG)

  “The lives of God-loyal people flourish…” Proverbs 15:6 (MSG)

How do you flourish?

  • We flourish when we (know we) are LOVED!

Mary flourished even when the questions of “how”, “why me”, “this will impact everything…” swirled around her —- but she became the most blessed woman on the planet!

  • We flourish when we PRAY (simply talking to Him — not only when in “crisis” – but daily)!

Abraham flourished in lost hope.  God had promised that he would become a great nation and yet he had no children, but after his YEARS of waiting — he became the Father of a great nation.

  • We flourish when we OBEY!

Noah flourished in obedience when there was NO proof that rain would fall and in the midst of people’s comments and lack of understanding…  and his entire family was saved!

  • We flourish when we READ (His word)!

Our relational connection with Heaven, with the Father comes through His written Word.  When we choose to read, and apply, it has the power to influence, change and who knows what the end results could be – for you and others!

 “Love God, your God, with your whole heart: love Him with ALL that’s in your, love Him with all you’ve got!” Duet 6:5 (MSG)

Flourishing doesn’t just happen. It requires us to be an active part of the equation.  We must grab life by the hand and RUN with it. Don’t just sit passively and wait for God to make you happy, healthy, whole.  Be an active partner with God to allow change to occur in your life – to flourish!

So what areas are you not flourishing?  It could be one specific area or it could be across the board.  Are there people in your world who NEED you to be flourishing…. Because they can’t at this moment?  What will you start doing, today, to increase your flourish-ability?