So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking the past few days/weeks…  so much of my life is “not as I imagined” it.  When I say that I’m not necessarily talking in a negative tone, because there’s so much in my life that is way beyond anything I would’ve imagined.  God has proven Himself beyond faithful in my life!

Over the years I have created MY PLAN.  I had come up with MY creative ideas for how my life would go… how the timing of everything would go… MY master-design of who, what, where, when and why.  But as time has marched on — there have been many moments where MY plan was totally left behind (either my choice or God’s strong prompting). The truly amazing thing is that I see God’s plan (over time) was way better than anything I could’ve ever come up with.

I know expectations, for myself and for others are sometimes way out of whack… my “excuse” is that I long to have some level of “control” or at least the ability to be preemptive on the response (to everything)……… but as each year passes in my life – I see that His desire for me is for HIM to be in control (because He’s the only One capable of actually pulling that off flawlessly!) I’ll admit that I struggle with that.  My personality longs to know what’s going on, what’s coming, so I don’t have to be surprised…….. and yet God has asked me to let things go and allow HIM to be the One to create the expectation for my daily (and long-term) life!  He sees way beyond THIS moment and as soon as I let Him run with the details, I actually can breathe, relax and live even more fully than ever before!

I AM (and always will be) — as work “in-progress”. I LOVE that HE is in control.  I LOVE that He knows past, present and future! I LOVE that I can rely solely on HIM and know that He has MY BEST in mind!


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