Well it’s hard to believe that we are already 4 months in 2012. If you’re year started out anything like mine – you’re doing your best to catch your breath, take a cat-nap/rest between now and Easter and then gearing up to move full speed ahead.

I’ve been thinking allot recently about my life, and about margin.  What does that look like for me, working for a church that is growing and moving ahead (at the speed of light)?

I’ve realized that “MARGIN” doesn’t just happen, maybe your life is different… But for me, it has to be intentional. Deliberate. Willful. Planned. Purposeful.  Even as a single person, I have so much opportunity to stretch myself in a million different ways…. All are GREAT options – fun and growing inspiring, but at what cost?  I’ve discovered if I wait to create margin in my life until the last possible moment when I NEED margin — that’s too late!

So for me – creating margin has to happen on a few different levels:

  • Spiritually – actually making the time to read! To pray! (and not just my “fix this” or “give me this” or “help me here” list.  I’ve discovered that my relationship has to be exactly that… MY RELATIONSHIP!  I can’t rely on anyone else or have it look like anyone else’s’ relationship with Christ. As with every relationship in my life… it’s personal. It won’t look like. Sound like. Or be like any other person’s on the planet!  And with every relationship, I have to make that happen – to grow and invest in it!
  • Personally – that’s taking an hour to turn the TV off, read, listen to a podcast, take a walk or grab coffee with a friend.  There are so many things I love doing – that don’t feel like a “to-do” and I just need to do them!
  • Professionally – it’s the learning to let go (as in delegating to those around me, who may not do it to my 100% level, but it is still excellent.) It’s prioritizing the list and what’s the thing that has to be done, right now, today, this week, this month…  and doing it.  It’s saying to the person who wants to chat that I need to finish this but I’ll connect with you later today…

Intentional.  Deliberate.  CREATING space – that margin to live the fullest, healthiest (busy) life I can!

What about you? Are you feeling like you have margin heading into Easter?  Have you placed things in your life (maybe it’s family, friends, fitness routines, etc) to help you maintain balance and who cause you to intentionally have MARGIN?

Just wondering……..